Using the power of visuals to communicate your ideas

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My love of visual thinking stems from a deep curiosity about the world around me, something I’ve had as a child. Art was a favourite subject in school; I later did a degree in philosophy, and soon after realised that my career path would never be a traditional one.

I first learned about the world of graphic facilitation when I studied Person Centred Planning back in 2002. Since then although I’ve been drawn to the work and collaborated on various projects it wasn’t until 2014 that I woke up to the fact that yes, this is what I want to do, and yes it is possible to build a business around work that makes me come alive, that feeds my soul and brings light and energy to others.

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As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young” and I am very grateful for my ongoing learning journey. Having completed my Masters in Ethics in 2002 I moved to Edinburgh where I worked in training roles in the voluntary sector, trained to be an NLP practitioner and have taken a myriad of courses in personal and business development since.

I worked as a marketing consultant for 5 years and although I came to realise this was not the path for me, I am grateful for the learning it has given me (it also enables me to advise organisations on how to use visuals as part of their communications strategy). Current mentors include Christina Merkley (I am a graduate of her Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals course) and Moira Geary.

Who I work with

  • Organisations with a clear mission who are making a difference
  • Small businesses
  • Independent trainers, facilitators, presenters, leaders

My clients are all creative thinkers with a clear purpose and a passion for creating effective change. They include:

The University of EdinburghRoyal_Bank_of_Scotland_Logo.svg

NapierScottish Council for Voluntary OrganisationsislogoGlasgow Disability Alliance


CLD Standards Authority

Work 4 MePrint


How I help my clients:

Building capacity and confidence in using graphics to:

  • enhance presentation skills
  • enliven workshops and learning experiences
  • clarify communications
  • wow funders and stakeholders
  • add impact to events
  • stand out among competitors

Clients value my dependability, creativity and commitment to their results!

Curious to learn more? Contact me on +44 (131) 226 1637 or