So here we are. Mid way through January and it’s my first email of the year.

It was Wednesday of last week before I realised I had completely forgotten to send out my regular Tuesday email. 

And normally at this time of year I share something like a Vision Board technique or a coaching template. For some reason when 2019 dawned I didn’t feel hugely compelled to make grand plans, analyse 2018 or focus on a ‘new me’.

Instead I’ve opted for a gentle transition. I wonder what it would be like, I thought to myself, if I just, y’know got on with things for a while. I wonder what it would be like if I waited until I had a genuine desire and energy to map out my goals for 2019. 

This is a very unusual methodology for me. I like plans. I like mapping out things. But a quiet voice inside invited me to pause a little. 

At this juncture I was very much cheered by a piece by Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian in which he suggests ‘If you must retain a New Year resolution, resolve not to beat yourself up for failing to do more.’

‘In reality,’ he says, ‘Once you’ve taken care of life’s non-negotiables, you’ll have a smallish sliver of time to devote to improving yourself and/or the world.’

He’s got a point. I don’t know know about you but right now I’m sensing into the being and not just the doing. 

This week I invite you to let yourself off the hook for not doing as much as you like/feel/want/need to do. Give it a go and as always let me know how you get on.