I’m blessed to have two parents who worked as primary school teachers and as such have beautifully legible hand writing. 

Unfortunately the apple fell very far from the tree in my case. On more than one occasion has my handwriting been described as ‘a drunken spider sprawled across the page.’

As a visual facilitator however I am mindful of the need for legible hand writing. It is an ongoing work in progress.

What joy then when I cam across Heather Martinez’s excellent online resource, ‘Unlock your Neuland markers’.

Once I slowed down, took the time to absorb the information in the course and gave myself a chance to pratice I began to see results. 

I highly recommend this free resource to anyone looking to take their lettering to the next level. 

As Heather says ‘Whether you are a seasoned graphic recorder or just started sketchnoting an hour ago, here you can access a series of free lettering videos that guide you through the process of unlocking your Neuland markers.’

You can access the video series here

I’m delighted to be joining Heather in Amsterdam next month for her Level Up Your Lettering workshop. I believe she has a few spots left on her London course also running next month. More info here

I’m not on any commission or anything by the way, I just really like Heather’s work and I reckon you will too 🙂