Hi, I'm Emer
(rhymes with Dreamer!)
I've always known I wanted to work for myself and create my own path.
I feel very fortunate to have been helping organistions large and small to boost their creativity, enhance their communication and map out their desired future for 15 years now.

I've helped trainers move beyond PowerPoint into an exciting world of simple graphics.

I've coached small business owners to tune into their instinct and make their dreams a reality.

I'm also grateful for the work I've done with community groups and voluntary organisations, supporting them to feel excited and motivated to draw out their future.
Things Were Not Always That Way..
When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing.

My friend Kate asked me to cofacilitate a Person Centred Planning training session in Ayrshire.

She handed me a marker and my mind went blank.

'Jot down a drawing of each person as they enter the room', she said.
I froze. 
I will never forget that feeling of pure terror.
It was in that moment that I realised that simple drawing was as much about mindset as it was about skill.
It's now my first 'Secret' of Simple Graphics.
Fast Forward To Today
I can't wait to be up at the flipchart sketching out ideas.
I even use a flipchart when facilitating virtually.
It keeps me grounded, happy and ready for whatever emerges in the session.
The funny thing is my drawing style hasn't changed much in 15 years.
Why? Because it's not really about a 'pretty picture'. It's about opening up conversation, gaining clarity and sparking ideas.
And you don't need to be Picasso to do that :)
I genuinely struggled with that for a long time - believing I 'couldn't really do this drawing thing' because I never 'progressed' much beyond drawing star people.

Now I get why it's not about that. 
Wednesday Drawing Club
Wednesday Drawing Club during Lockdown
I'm here to help you build confidence
Whether you're itching to nurture your creativity or are at a crossroads in life and not sure which path to take, I can help you.
To get started, simply email me on emer [at] emeroleary.com. 
We can have a quick conversation by email to help us decide if a longer one makes sense. 
I look forward to getting to chatting soon!
More words From Genuine People Who Know Me! 
Sarah Lowes
Director | Excalibur Development
Emer is wonderful human being, who also happens to be a talented facilitator, coach and graphic illustrator.
You will benefit as much from her presence as from the wealth of knowledge she has to share, so I would highly recommend working with her.
Dr. Mary Anne Walsh
Executive Coach
Emer O'Leary is such an outstanding, inspirational, and effective instructor that I have completed not one but two of her courses, Secrets of Simple Graphics and Draw Out Your Future. And I plan to sign up again! Each class is a unique learning experience guaranteed to improve your drawing ability.

The classes, however, are about much more than this. They are a golden opportunity to be in a calming no stress experience in the company of delightful colleagues and a master facilitator who is full of wisdom and charming wit. When in the zoom classes, we all feel transported to a better place.

Liz Moss
Director | Value and Worth Ltd.
I feel like Draw Out Your Future has given me permission to spend more time on the things that give me pleasure and energy in and out of work in a way that no other coaching or course I've done before has ever achieved.

I have made little changes to my daily routine which feel like big changes to my life. I have a clear picture of the future I want and it feels realistic. I have the tools I need to keep focusing on different elements of my plan and when I feel I'm getting off track or have achieved them – I can re-draw the picture!

Plan your week, Maintain focus and Enjoy the process! *Visual Weekly Planner*
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