Graphic recording involves listening, thinking and drawing in real time. A graphic recorder records the key nuggets of a meeting or event.
This week we’re talking to Fiona Stewart. Fiona is a Project Officer in Organisational Development for The Improvement Service. She attended a two day inhouse graphics course with me back in April ’16. All artwork featured in this piece has been created by Fiona. 

What challenges were you experiencing before going on the training?
‘I was attending a variety of meeting/events taking minutes, this resulted in pages and pages of minutes for each meeting/event. Having a design/creative background I found these boring and non-inspiring. It was difficult to quickly find the key points from the meeting/events.’

How did the training address these challenges?
‘The training helped me display the notes from the meeting/events in an interesting way. The training taught me how to capture key points and how to graphically display them through different layouts, drawings, colours etc. Depending on the audience and topic there is a layout you could use.’

What has been the impact of the training in your own work? How are you using what you’ve learned?
‘I am now going to large events and graphically recording the sessions, I wouldn’t say I was perfect, every time I do one I learn something new and learn from my previous mistakes, I am still on a learning curve.
The graphic recording is a great hit, everyone loves it and are impressed with the finished results, taking pictures and sharing on social media or with other colleagues.
Mainly the events I am asked to graphic record are public sector ones. Therefore, the audience and seniority of these events varies, however regardless the audience the graphic is still well received.
I am impressed with my results, I never thought recording a meeting/event could be fun.’

What would you say to someone who is considering going on the training?
‘Do it! Emer is a great trainer, don’t worry if you are not a confident drawer, you don’t have to be. Emer has so many handy tips and tricks which makes the process much easier than you originally think it will be.
There is no right or wrong when doing graphics, do not worry about being judged. Experience and practice makes perfect, the more opportunities you have the better you will get.’

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