One of the great advantages of graphics are their use in a multitude of disciplines. This week we’re talking to Yekemi Otaru of YO! Marketing about how she uses graphics in her work with oil and gas companies.

Yekemi started YO! Marketing®, a strategic marketing consultancy, in July 2016, a time when the oil and gas industry faced major challenges.

At about that time, she came across the Secrets of Simple Graphics course in Edinburgh. Yekemi felt simple graphics were the ideal way to convey her business solution and the benefits to her target customers in a fresh, fun way.

Yekemi says, ‘I never thought of myself as an artist, graphic designer or illustrator so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the course. Emer’s laidback and engaging style really got me immersed in the training. She shared several uses of graphics such as facilitation and storytelling.’

As the training progressed, Yekemi started to see more ways she could use graphics with her existing clients and on her business blog. She found that graphical illustrations, when used to communicate ideas could be very powerful. And to her relief, it wasn’t about being an artist. As she says, ‘My objective is not to recreate the Mona Lisa. It is to communicate an idea through engaging visuals.’

Yekemi’s graphic illustrations have helped her to stand out with clients. She illustrates their market landscape, or how her solution could alleviate a current business challenge. It is a break from PowerPoint and she finds her clients appreciate the effort she puts in. ‘Clients love the drawings with some commenting that they’d like to frame my drawings. It’s a quick, visual reminder of our work together.’

Yekemi Otaru is a marketing strategist and published author. Based in Aberdeen, she owns YO! Marketing, a marketing and strategy consultancy that supports Technology SMEs and start-ups to attain their business growth goals through marketing.

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