It’s time for the fifth and final instalment of Dave Fardoe’s story on how he used simple graphics to deal with his feelings and chart his story following a sudden change in life circumstances.

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Following on from the last time…

…Accept these bad days, they happen – but move on…

I’m now just under six months on and feeling pretty good – I marked five months by climbing on a plane and spending a week in the Caribbean. I went swimming, a bit, but I’m not yet ready to pick up my scuba gear and explore wrecks and reefs, which was my passion before, yet I will be, and I’m looking forward to that.  Taking on an eight hour flight I admit, I was nervous, yet I got advice and it was fine. I never drank much, although a couple of rum punches may have passed my lips during that week away – take it slow and it will all work out fine.  Life is about living and not hiding away in fear, so the fifth cartoon needed to capture that. And more, without the support of so many professionals, the brilliant NHS, my family and so many friends, it would have been so much harder. The cartoons and the drawing of course have been so important to me, putting perspective to the thing and charting the journey. Has it been therapeutic, I’d say so, and how – they have helped me express how things feel, and to show the people around me in ways they can relate to, when for me to find the right words would have been so hard.  The title of the last cartoon – simply  “Future Days”

To everyone involved, thank you.

And a big thank you to you Dave for sharing your story and fantastic drawings with us. May your Future Days be bright!

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