Live sessions start on February 1st 2023:
Visualise the future you want and map out the plan to make it happen.
First module released Jan 25th, First live Reflection session Feb 1st.
"If you want to reach a goal you must 'see the reaching'
before you actually arrive at your goal." – Zig Ziglar
 2023: Is this the year for a genuine fresh start?

Is this the year we can confidently put one foot in front of the other and stride boldly into a new way of being in the world
All we know for sure is that there is no 'going back', only moving forward.
The gift these past few years has given us is the gift of re-evaluation.

It's almost impossible not to reflect on what is truly important in life, who you want to be and how you
want to show up in the world.

Does any of the following resonate with you?
  • No space or time to think about you: You're busy focusing on your clients, your family, everyone else. You feel the urge to stop and reflect but you can't find the time and space to do so.
  • Too many goals and too many options: With so many ways of living and working now open to you, how can you possibly choose the right path.
  • Lack of focus: Despite best efforts, distractability is high on the agenda.
  • Creativity slump: It can be difficult to tap into your creativity when energy is low and to-do lists are large!
Some of the things I have been reminded of
over the course of the last few years have been:
The Importance Of Simplicity
The Gift That Is Focus
The Art Of Resourcefulness
However, far and away my biggest lesson has been:
How much better we feel when we have something to look forward to, something to work towards, something we have control over.
Hi! I'm Emer,
Hand drawn visuals are at the heart of everything I do.

Before retraining as a visual practitioner in 2014 I completed my NLP Practitioner training in 2006 and also qualified as a Person Centred Planning facilitator in 2007. My professional development areas include positive pyschology, coaching and visual thinking.

Towards the end of 2020 the time felt right to create and share a visual planning system that would nurture me (I find a lot of systems are about the plan and tend to neglect the person) tap into my creativity, and help me to feel confident and excited about my future.

That's what motivated me to create this new programme. I needed to create a visual planning system for my own life, and then share it with others.
Words from people who have drawn out their future...
Liz Moss
Value & Worth Consulting Ltd.
I feel like the course has given me permission to spend more time on the things that give me pleasure and energy in and out of work in a way that no other coaching or course I've done before has ever achieved.

I have made little changes to my daily routine which feel like big changes to my life. I have a clear picture of the future I want and it feels realistic. I have the tools I need to keep focusing on different elements of my plan and when I feel I'm getting off track or have achieved them – I can re-draw the picture!

Sarah Lowes
Trainer/ Facilitator/ Coach
I was drawn to the programme to try a different way of setting myself new year's resolutions, which I rarely stick to. I wondered if this process might help me to come up with more impactful personal targets that I might actually commit to... and it absolutely did that and more!
I loved the way the programme flowed, and the visual images and imagery that Emer used both in the exercises we did and in her language. It really helped me to explore new ideas and options that I don't believe would have come to the surface otherwise.
I would absolutely recommend this programme. Without feeling overly dramatic or too intense, it was a highly impactful programme and it's still resonating with me weeks after we finished.
Jenny Perrott
Senior Manager, Leadership Development, TSB Bank
This has felt so much more than a course. It's really felt like a timely community of amazing women who are each seeking out what it really means to live their lives fully.

I appreciate the way you've made things really holistic, and about us and about our thinking. I think that's really testament to your investment in us relationally.

I really want to encourage you really – what an amazing gift you've got – doing this with real integrity and warmth and enabling brilliant relationships so a massive thank you – it's a real gift.

Join me in this unique programme to feel confident and excited about your future regardless of what is happening in the world
Gain focus, clarity and direction in your life so that you feel calm and in control of your destiny.
Feel excited about your future.
Boost your self esteem through taking positive action.
Tap into your innate creativity and unique perspective.
Learn a clear process for drawing out your future (no artistic skills required) that you can reuse time and time again.
We can talk about the future we want, we can write about it, and we can make plans, however literally seeing what it might look like brings the future into the present and hugely increases our chances of making that future a reality.
How the programme works
Six online modules
Online community space 
Six Live Reflection Sessions
  •  Step by step videos
  •  Hand drawn handouts and prompt sheets
  •  A set of digital printable visual templates
  •  Meditative drawing audios to get you in the zone!
  • Weekly tasks to help process your learning.
  • Receive instant access to the Drawing Resources Module when you sign up 
    Module 1, You, is released on Jan 25th.
    A new module is released each week for 6 weeks.
  • Private space to connect with others in your cohort
  • Upload your completed templates each week (optional) for accountability
  • Feel inspired by your colleagues' creations!
  • 60 minute structured Zoom sessions with visually faciliated activities and prompts.
  • Designed to embed the learning from the modules.
  • Go deeper on a topic to reach a new level of understanding
  • Reflection Session dates:
    Feb 1st, Feb 8th, Feb 15th, Feb 22nd, March 1st, March 8th.
    All sessions take place at 10m GMT.
    The final session on March 8th is 90 minutes long and incorporates a Brekfast Bonanza social afterparty! 
    (A breakfast treat will be posted out to you in advance of the session.)
Benefits of this model
Go through the modules at your own pace during the week. A new module is realeased each week.
 Bite sized learning
Each module is broken down into different sections, making learning accessible and fun.
 Lifetime access
Revisit your learning at any time, gain new insights, reinvigorate your future!
Ever buy an online course only to never complete it? This won't happen here as the live element increases your chances of actually completing the programme, and thus seeing results.
 Inspiration and Behaviour Change
Feel elevated and inspired by others in your group. The right environment is key when it comes to making changes that last.
Network with a rich and diverse group of people, often from different parts of the globe!
N.B.The course is capped at a maximum of 12 people
The big, unexpected outcome for me was how much I learned from others in the group.

Each week presented an opportunity to learn and discover more about other people's goals, leaving me inspired and motivated to complete the weekly challenges.

Ryan McKay | Intergenerational Worker, Citadel Youth Centre
Select A Plan That Works For You
  • Lifetime access to all 6 learning modules
  • Videos, visual templates, pdfs, hand drawn handouts, meditation audios
  • Online Community space
  • Six Live Reflection Sessions
  • *BONUS* 20 minute Drawing module
3 Payments of £149.00 GBP (+VAT) , billed monthly
  • Lifetime access to all 6 learning modules
  • Videos, visual templates, pdfs, hand drawn handouts, meditation audios
  • Online Community space
  • Six Live Reflection Sessions
  • *BONUS* 20 minute Drawing module
One Time Payment of £447.00 GBP (+VAT)

A really wonderful programme - I loved the creative reflection exercises, the supportive small-group discussions and Emer's thoughtful coaching. I'm not only clearer on my goals, but much more positive and motivated now than I was before. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling to make the changes they want to achieve.

Rose Beauchamp
Communications Coach | Trainer | Facilitator

The Modules
Module 1: You
*Start Strong*
To influence our future we first connect with strong and stable foundations to develop an optimum mindset for visioning. We will look at:
  • Where you get your energy and how you maintain a positive mindset
  • What you need to let go of in order to propel yourself forward
  • How to draw strength from previous successes
  • Your North Star – the values that set your direction of travel
Module 2: Your World and Your Vision 
*Expand your thinking*
Your world is unique to you. It is not always something that can be easily categorised. There are often layers of overlap and areas which call our attention at different times. In this session we acknowledge and make peace with the complexity of our worlds as we explore:
  • What your world looks like to you
  •  Beginning the visioning process – Creative visioning exercises to take you from where you are now to where you never imagined before!
Module 3: From Vision to Reality
                                     *Design Gut Goals*
In this session we continue to tap into our creativity and explore the vision of our future. We also start to look at how to bring focus and clarity to our vision.
  • Alignment, excitement, confidence and clarity – goals with a visual edge
  •  How to harness the power of the imagination to influence practical outcomes
  • The power of intuition when bringing focus to your vision
  • Promises and pitfalls of goal setting – what to ignore and what to embrace
Module 4: Live Your Vision Today
                                               *Cultivate interstellar habits*
You don't have to wait until the future to live your vision today. You don't even have to wait until you've achieved your goals. Let's explore ways to live and breathe your vision right now!
  • How to take core elements of your vision and weave them into your daily life
  • The power of visual habit creation and tracking
Module 5: From Vision to Reality II
                                                   *Create visual action plans*
In this session we gain greater clarity on your areas of focus and transform them into reality through the aid of a visual action plan. This is where right brain creativity meets left brain logic and process.
  • A concrete process for transforming your visual goals into reality with tangible steps and creative methods for monitoring progress.
  • Watch your visual roadmap emerge before you.
Module 6: The Future and Beyond
                                        *Future pace*
In this session we bring all the visual templates we have been working on together to form a cohesive whole.
  • Discover what emerges when you see your future as whole; tweak and amend visual action plans accordingly.
  • Share processes for keeping your vision alive.
  • We also explore obstructions and blind spots. A creative process for acknowledging, making peace with and moving on from the inevitable barriers that come in our way as we move from ideas to implementation.
Get Iinstant Access to the *BONUS* Drawing module as soon as you sign up!
More Words from DOYF Fans...
Emily Bryson
ELT Materials Writer
Emer's infectious enthusiasm leaves me feeling inspired every time I do one of her courses. I recently attended her Draw out Your Future course. It was a fabulous six weeks.

I learned a lot, got to play about with drawings, and be supported and encouraged by an amazing group of like-minded individuals. Goals I never knew I had appeared from the sea of infinite possibilities! I did her Secrets of Simple Graphics course a couple of years ago and it changed the way I write, teach and train. She makes everything so fun and accessible. Just brilliant.
Geraldine Locke
Retirement Transition Coach
The programme was great! Emer is a brilliant facilitator; she is encouraging and her templates really enabled me to gather my thoughts and articulate my direction.

The group work was really helpful and the other people on the programme were interesting and supportive.

I think for me the particularly useful aspects were the way that a graphical representation helps to make the brain work in a different way. I am a very linear person and this approach enabled me to see a much "bigger picture" perspective that I found invaluable. I really missed the programme once it was finished! I would thoroughly recommend it.
Liz Moss
Value & Worth Consulting Ltd.
I signed up to do the course on a whim and a recommendation – would normally see the word "drawing" or "future" and run a mile... but I have been truly impressed by how effective and powerful using drawing to articulate and communicate has been. I might be terrible at drawing but the act of drawing really helps clarify things in the mind.

The tools and techniques – combined with some great coaching skills from Emer – have also made things that were hard to articulate really accessible and seem more fun and achievable.
The power of hand drawn images in goal setting 
  • Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
  • Over 87% of people are visual thinkers. This means they find it easier to absorb information that is a combination of words
    and images rather than words alone.
  • The brain processes images 60,000 faster than text.
  • Visual coaching draws on right brain (creativity, intuition) AND left brain (logic, strategy) processing.
Get instant access to the Drawing Resources Module which incorporates:
- a 20 minute 'How to Draw Commonly Used Icons' video
-Tips on sourcing images when you don't know what to draw
- The app I can't live with out for instantly digitalising your hand drawn images
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