Draw Out Your Future

Visualise the future you want and make it happen

‘If you want to reach a goal you must ‘see the reaching’ before you actually arrive at your goal.’ – Zig Ziglar

This year the rug has been pulled from under us a little.

And whilst the pandemic is global our individual experiences, and reactions to the world we now find ourselves in vary greatly.

What I realised early on was that isolation can shine a stark light, and in some cases even exacerbate, existing challenges.

Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Overwhelm: Sometimes even day to day tasks seem too much, it can be hard just to keep on top of the basics.

  •  Too many options: There are so many ways to live a life; with so many things we could be doing, how can we possibly focus?

  • Uncertainty: With choices being taken out of our hands how can we possibly carve our own path forward?

  • Creativity slump: It can be difficult to tap into your creativity when energy is low and todo lists are large!

Some of the things I have been reminded of over the course of the year have been:

The importance of simplicity



The gift that is focus


The collective power of community

However, far and away my biggest lesson has been:


The vital role a sense of power and control has on our wellbeing. Essentially, we feel better when we exercise control over an area of our life.

Hi, I'm Emer

Grey doodle curly whirly


Hand drawn visuals are at the heart of everything I do. 

Before retraining as a visual practitioner in 2014 I completed my NLP Practitioner training in 2006 and also qualified as a Person Centred Planning facilitator in 2007. My professional development areas include positive pyschology, coaching and visual thinking.

This year I decided to realise my dream of designing a visual planning system that would nurture me (I find a lot of systems are about the plan and tend to neglect the person) tap into my creativity, and help me to feel confident and excited about my future.

That’s what motivated me to create this new programme. I needed to create a visual planning system for my own life, and then share it with others.

Emer is wonderful human being, who also happens to be a talented facilitator, coach and graphic illustrator. You will benefit as much from her presence as from the wealth of knowledge she has to share, so I would highly recommend working with her.

Sarah Lowes

Director, Excalibur Development


Join me in this unique programme to feel confident and excited about your future regardless of what is happening in the world

Gain focus, clarity and direction in  your life so that you feel calm and in control of your destiny.

Feel excited about your future.


Boost your self esteem through taking positive action.

Harness the power of the collective and be part of a unique supportive community.


Tap into your innate creativity and unique perspective.

Learn a clear process for drawing out your future (no artistic skills required) that you can reuse time and time again.


We can talk about the future we want, we can write about it, we can make plans, however literally seeing what it might look like brings the future into the present and hugely increases our chances of making that future a reality.


Here’s what’s included…


6 x 90 minute LIVE visual group coaching sessions on Zoom (all sessions will be recorded)

A set of digital printable visual templates

Private online group to share ideas, ask questions and learn from one another

Weekly tasks and accountability to keep you on track

A visual group progress map so we can record and celebrate our collective progress!

 Session 1 – You 

12th Jan 1900 GMT

To influence our future we first create strong and stable foundations to develop an optimum mindset for visioning. We will look at:

  • Your core values, in particular your North Star which will act as guidance when drawing out your future
  • How you get strong and stay strong
  • What you need to eliminate in order to propel yourself forward

Session 2 – Your World

19th Jan 1900 GMT

Your world is unique to you. It is not always something that can be easily categorised. There are often layers of overlap and areas which call our attention at different times. In this session we acknowledge and make peace with the complexity of our worlds as we explore:

  • What your world looks like to you.
  • How to tune in and decide on the areas you want to focus on in the programme.
  • Beginning the visioning process.

 Session 3 – Your Vision

26th Jan 1900 GMT

In this session we create space to tap into our creativity and explore the vision of our future.

  • Creative visioning exercises to take you from where you are now to where you never imagined before! 
  • Exploration of the infinte range of possibilities available to you.

    Session 4 – From Vision to Reality

    2nd Feb 1900 GMT

    We learn how to take core elements of our vision and transform them into reality through the aid of a visual action plan. This is where right brain creativity meets left brain logic and process. 

    • A concrete process for transforming your vision into reality with tangible steps and creative methods for monitoring progress.
    • Watch your visual roadmap emerge before you.

     Session 5 – Obstructions and Blind spots

                                                      9th Feb 1900 GMT

    A creative process for acknowledging, making peace with and moving on from the inevitable barriers that come in our way as we move from ideas to implementation.

    Session 6 – The future and beyond

                                                   16th Feb 1900 GMT

    In this session we bring all the visual templates we have been working on together to form a cohensive whole. 

    • Discover what emerges when you see your future as whole; tweak and amend visual action plans accordingly. 
    • Share processes for keeping your vision alive.


    *Bonus Session*  Cocktail Afterparty

         16th Feb 2030 GMT

    Celebrate life, community and all the positive strides you have taken over the course of the 6 weeks with a real cocktail (posted to you in advance) in the company of your fellow Future Visioners!

    The power of hand drawn images in goal setting

    • Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
    • Over 87% of people are visual thinkers. This means they find it easier to absorb information that is a combination of words and images rather than words alone.
    • The brain processes images 60,000 faster than text.
    • Visual coaching draws on right brain (creativity, intuition) AND left brain (logic, strategy) processing.



    This is a holistic programme, looking at the whole person. You will be invited to focus on three key areas of your choosing to work on with techniques for addressing additional areas as we work through the programme. 

     The programme is very much present and future focussed. We don’t spend a great deal of time looking into the past. 

    This pilot programme is limited to a maximum of 12 people in order to support an optimum learning environment. Be sure to book now to guarantee your place!

    In my line of work, I rarely come across talented and creative individuals like Emer, who can bring out our latent talents to the fore; and influence and improve the way we work.

    While Emer’s technical ability as a visual thinker is without doubt, I am also impressed by her relaxed confidence, ability as a coach to command a room, ability to change mindsets, and her constructive feedback. As a visual thinker, coach and facilitator, Emer has my highest recommendation.

    Sandeep Jayan

    Senior Business Analyst, Baillie Gifford

    Book your place today

    *One time only* introductory prices

    Draw Out Your Future Pilot

    One place on the Draw Out Your Future pilot programme starting on January 12th.


    Post pilot price will be in the region of £469

    Draw Out Your Future pilot plus Coaching

    One place on the Draw Out Your Future pilot plus three 1:1 50 minute coaching sessions


    Post pilot price will be in the region of £709


    I'm not able to make all the dates. Shall I wait till it runs again?

    All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make some of the sessions you can watch the recordings afterwards 🙂 

    Q. Do I have to be able to draw to partake in this programme?

    Absolutely not. Don’t worry if you haven’t drawn anything for years, or even if drawing is not your thing. We’ll mostly be making use of colourful visual templates throughout the programme. By all means draw and doodle on these if you want to, however there is no requirement to do so.

    Q. Do I need to reveal personal information?

    There’s no requirement to reveal any information that you are not comfortable with. This is a group coaching programme. Throughout the programme individuals will be invited (on a volunteer basis) to be coached in a particular area or using a particular section of a template. If you don’t feel comfortable being coached in front of others that’s totally fine. Much of the work will be done inbetween sessions.

    Q. Is it just for trainers and facilitators?

    Definitely not! Whilst I do typically attract trainers and facilitators to my open courses this programme is for anyone who wishes to take control over their future and use a creative process to do so.

    Q. What is the cancellation policy?

    Places cancelled are not entitled to a refund, however may be transferred to another person.


    Can I use this process and the templates with my own clients?

    The process and templates are the intellectual property of Emer O’Leary Studios Ltd and are for personal use only. They may however inspire you to create visual templates for your own coaching and faciliatation processes 🙂

    Got a question? Fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you asap. 

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