Have you ever decided to add dimension and appeal to your lettering by adding a shadow effect only to ask yourself, ‘Hang on, where does the shadow fall on the S?’

If you have, you’re not alone. 

Last week as part of Heather Martinez’s Level Up Your Lettering course (highly recommended) in Amsterdam I got chatting to fellow practitioner HermanWeeda about this very topic.

Whilst I routinely think of the sun as coming from the top right and hence my shadows are ‘left and bottom’ (if you wish you can think of the sun as coming from the top left – remember to always be consistent in your choice – in which case your shadows will be ‘right and bottom’) there were often some letters, such as our friend the S, which left me a little puzzled.

Right there on the spot Herman created a drop shadow alphabet in Photoshop and emailed it to me. I’d love to share it with you too:

So the next time you’d like to add shadows to your lettering you too can use this as your reference guide.

Big thanks to Heather and Herman!