BRAND NEW COURSE – starts 26th April 2021

Even More..Secrets of Simple Graphics 

Build confidence using hand drawn graphics in virtual settings
A six week online course for former SOSG participants

Do you wish you were using more drawings in your work?

2020 hit and with it, a rapid shift to online learning which, in many cases, brought with it … Death by PowerPoint: The Sequel.

As someone who loves hand drawn graphics you may be feeling a little frustrated and asking yourself questions such as:

  • Will I ever use my flipchart again?
  • Do I have to learn loads of different fancy software to provide delegates with an engaging experience?
  • How can I feel confident integrating hand drawn graphics into online sessions?



In case you’re wondering, the answers to the above are:

  • Yes
  • No
  • By coming along to Even More Secrets of Simple Graphics!

Hi, I'm Emer


Grey doodle curly whirly

You know who I am already so that’s not a surprise 🙂

Here’s what I’m passionate abut right now:.

  • supporting trainers and facilitators who love hand drawn graphics to bring this into their virtual delivery – quick, simple accessible ways that make you feel good AND give your participants an engaging experience
  • the actual experience of drawing and using drawings in our work and how good that makes us feel
  • the power of community and idea sharing 


Here’s what confidence in using simple graphics virtually can do for you…


Help you to feel more aligned with your natural delivery style and presence

Get out of your own way when it comes to using graphics virtually 

Reconnect with your love of drawing. 

Provide a sense of calm and grounding in an uncertain world, whilst giving your wellbeing a boost with regular drawing activity.


Get known for being the person who uses simple drawings in their training and facilitation online. 


Network and build connections with like minded people

‘I highly recommend Emer’s 6 week virtual simple graphics course. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but could never make the face-face days – this format enabled me to take part in a way that fitted around my other commitments. Emer is a superb facilitator, and takes you through a clearly structured process, whilst really building your confidence and courage to draw and to then share your drawings. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now finding myself finding opportunities to use graphics whenever I can!

Emily Hutchinson

Occupational Pyschologist

A six week course starting April 26th… 

6 x 90 minute content rich LIVE virtual sessions, held on Zoom

Every Monday 1700 UK GMT

A group coaching element to harvest ideas and learn from one another

Private online group to share ideas, ask questions and network.

Weekly challenges to keep you on track

A visual group progress map so we can record and celebrate our collective progress!

Six content rich sessions, a bonus Q&A and an Afterparty

Session 1

 1700BST 26th April

Get set for success

  • Set your goals for the course
  • Have fun with refresher exercises
  • Create group accountability
  • Establish a mindset for success

Session 4

 1700BST 17th May

Digital Drawing Revisited


  • Using a graphics tablet for drawing on your laptop, principles of drawing on a tablet

Session 2

 1700BST 3rd May

Using analogue tools in a digital world (and why this is so important)


  • Flipchart confidence
  • Prompt tools
  • Getting your delegates involved and more

Session 5

1700BST 24th May

Capturing online conversations

  • How to listen, think and draw in real time when facilitating a conversation online

Session 3

1700BST 10th May

Designing visual templates for virtual training and facilitation


  • Everything you need to know to design your own visual templates, the three key templates you need for any meeting

Session 6

 1700BST 31st May

Building confidence in drawing

  • Learn more icons
  • Practice visual conversations
  • Learn environmental factors that affect confidence


Q&A 10am BST Friday 14th May


Afterparty Dessert!

1830 BST Monday 31st May


Sign up and get instant access to all up to date SOSG course materials, including the Taking Things Digital Video module.

Maximum 12 people

For an optimum learning environment

Brain Friendly

Learn in bite sized chunks.

Time to consider and practice between sessions.


Training for Life

All sessions are recorded so you can review what you’ve learned at any point 

No problem if you can’t make a live session.

What you’ve said about Secrets of Simple Graphics…

The key learning outcome for this course is:


To build confidence in using hand drawn graphics in virtual settings


Enjoy the journey along the way! 


We start on April 26th at 1700 BST








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