Graphics Coaching

 “Working with Emer has been great! She really cares about helping people improve, and is a joy to work with. I left our session with more drawing confidence – and skill!
Beth Collier

Convinced by the power of hand drawn visuals? Keen to make them work for you? Are you…

  • The owner of a ton of graphics books that are gathering dust on your shelves?
  • In love with graphics but feeling stuck when it comes to applying it to your work?
  • Keen to focus on how graphics works for YOU right now?
  • Itching to continue your learning journey and move to the next level?
  • Looking for personalised support and guidance?


…then 1:1 Graphics Coaching is for you!


1. The biggest secret of simple graphics is that it’s 50% skill and 50% mindset. 

2. There are two things which will help you get better at simple graphics: 


Regular Practice

Perhaps you:

Bought graphics books but have yet to open them.

Booked out time in your diary only for it to be replaced with something else?

Keep telling yourself you’ll get around to practicing one day…


Sharing your work

Perhaps you:

Pratice lots but don’t feel comfortable sharing your work.

Or you share it, but only with people you know really well.

Think about drawing something and posting it on social media and it brings you out in a cold sweat!

1:1 coaching will support you with this and so much more 

Set goals and create an action plan designed around your life and your work 
Be held accountable for completing your actions 
Receive support and guidance when you encounter stumbling blocks 
Work with a creative partner to brainstorm ideas and make things happen! 
Get feedback and advice (including feedback on particular pieces you are working on) how to take your graphics to the next level 
Sharpen your graphics skills (Working on icons will feature on each action plan!) 
Boost your confidence 
Feel excited about showcasing your new skills 

Areas people have worked on in 1:1 coaching:

Leadership and Communication

– communicating   your vision to others  

Training Redesign

– how to take existing training material and exercises and redesign them so that they incorporate hand drawn graphics 

Taking things digital

specific coaching and guidance around the use of drawing applications for creating graphics 

Brand communication –

use of graphics to communicate what you do and why 

How it works…

7 x 60 minute Zoom sessions

Once a fortnight for 3 months

1 follow up session 3 months later.

Bespoke Action Plans

We start by creating a map of where you want to get to and how you’re going to get there!

Weekly Wins check in

A positive mindset is key to success in graphics. We celebrate your wins each week.

Email access

Unlimited email access between sessions


Sketchbook and markers

You’ll receive a Sketchbook and set of 6 Neuland Fine One markers.

On booking you receive a pre coaching questionnaire where I find out more about your specific goals for the coaching so we can hit the ground running with the first coaching session. Each session will conclude with actions to be completed before the next session. I will point you to specific resources and tools along the way and hold you accountable for completing your actions.

I will be your cheerleader, consultant, coach and mentor all in one!

If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. This is a unique opportunity to really stand out from the crowd whilst infusing your work with creativity and light. If you are committed to incorporating graphics into your life then take the fast lane and sign up today!

*Only £699*

Graphics Coaching

Graphics Coaching

3 month coaching package