You’ve invested in some decent markers and a sketchpad; you’ve been practising and now you’d really like to share some of your work with your colleagues. You don’t exactly want to hit the photocopier and pop a copy in the internal mail (this is 2018 after all) so what are your options?

The quickest and easiest way to digitalise your work is simply to either take a photo of it or scan it and then email your result. This is what a client did after going on one of my courses. She drew the picture on a piece of A4, scanned it and added it to her PowerPoint presentation. In fact it was a webinar. Engagement levels were generally quite low but they peaked considerably when everyone saw this as the first slide!

So that ‘s digitalisation in about two minutes.

Another option is to take a photo of your work and then use an app such as Camscanner to clean it up. By ‘cleaning up’ I mean removing the yellowyness and/or dullness of the paper, so you go from something like this:

…to something like this: 

Quick and easy (and the app is free too).

Another option is to use a piece of software such as Adobe Illustrator to ‘trace’ your hand drawn image and convert it to a digital vector image, going from something like this:

…to something like this:

Credit: YoungScot
Don’t have time to learn Adobe Illustrator? Take a photo (or scan) your work and outsource the digitalising using a site such as 

And now that you have a vector image you can add it to mugs, tshirts, coasters whatever you like. (Father’s Day gift ideas, perhaps?)

I hope you found this piece useful. If there’s anything you’d like me to include in a future email do get in touch and let me know.