Today I thought I’d share with you some of the many ways my clients are using visual thinking at work.

I’ve had people say all sorts of things to me about visual thinking and its applications. From ‘I can see how L&D might use this but not anyone else in the business’ to ‘Isn’t this just for deaf people?’ I’ve heard it all.

One of the brilliant things about visual thinking is that it can be used in so many different settings. Today we’re looking at some of the not-so-common applications in business settings:

– Discussing team cooperation problems in our teams with our managers
– Highlighting skills and future objectives in a career development discussion
– Developing posters and storyboards for product launches and stakeholder identification
– Creating visuals on our team board from our key points in a retrospective (so easy to forget action points when they’re just things we need to be mindful of and we’re just emailing them around)
– Series of visuals as suggestions to a mental health group
– Note taking, spicing up minutes, planning stories

Visual Thinking at Work


Here’s what self confessed former sceptic Sandeep has to say: ‘I have been a Business Analyst for 20 years and in that period, I have attended many training courses including those having formal process diagrams and what not, which most times confuse rather than convince people. And then you come across this – Visual Thinking for Business – which is simple and easy to understand. It is the best thing I have come across in my work in 20 years.’ Sandeep Jayan, Senior Business Analyst, Baillie Gifford.

Visual Thinking is not about impressing your colleagues with fun drawings. It’s so much deeper than that. At its heart it’s about problem solving, generating ideas and sparking creativity.

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Have a top week meanwhile,