This month’s guest post is from Dave Fardoe, Managing Director of Accordant Solutions who explains how simple graphics can be used to win more sales.

“Wow – that’s amazing, I love it”.

As a salesperson that’s music to your ears right? Well imagine if the majority of your sales meetings could be that way, that’s the power of Simple Graphics.

We’ve all seen the fantastic examples of graphical communications and the work done at TED talks and the like, but did you ever believe you could do it, or that you could make it part of your toolkit. I didn’t, yet, you can!

The clue is in the name “Simple Graphics” – did you know that to communicate an idea the drawing has only got to be about 30% accurate, our minds work out the rest, without help, how brilliant is that.

In sales we spend huge amounts of time trying to convey a solution to a complex problem, build rapport, convince a prospect to trust in our experience, and our solution. Often our focus gets lost, often in the wrong place, shrouded in words and charts, whitepapers and data – lots of data – so how do we focus on the solution?

Draw them a picture – of course its pre-prepared and rehearsed a hundred times, yet creating the solution visually, before their very eyes is quick, clear and magical. Use the pen to bring the ideas into focus as your narrative tells the story – you’re showing that you understand the issue, you understand it so well; you can draw it, and the solution, right here.

You can refine and explore it with them, right now; Give them a pen and watch as they lay out all their objections and together you solve them.

I’ve been selling solutions for decades and the quickest most compelling way to build rapport, to show understanding and get into collaboration ever, has been Simple Graphics – No Leonardos or Monets needed – just a few easy icons and you’re on your way.

Try it, you’ll love it.

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