Examples of commissions and personal illustration projects I have worked on in recent years.
Add impact with simple hand drawn graphics.

Custom illustration (or 'studio work') is about creating hand drawn visuals custom to your needs. I first meet or speak with you to discuss your desired outcome, after which I create hand drawn illustrations in my studio, either small scale (usually for reports, blog posts) or large scale murals (for events, training). Sometimes both! All illustrations are hand drawn, either digitally or on large paper/flipcharts.
I love the process of extracting and distilling the information you give me to create visuals that are engaging, lively and easy to digest. Take a look at the examples below.
'A picture is better than a thousand words! Huge thanks Emer for your great work illustrating our community consultation on what wellbeing means to our people. Given only a short amount of time, a lot of data and probably a rather opaque brief, you have produced a series of illustrations that showcase the headline themes from our consultation. These simple but colourful images convey messages that actually have so much value in our community but in a way that is accessible to all and very powerful through their simplicity.

We have a montage of them hanging in our Café and they are becoming a really engaging talking point with visitors as they identify with the images. Using them in our reports means we can convey really important information clearly, concisely and with impact. We'll be back!'

Helene van der Ploeg, Enterprise Manager | Space & Broomhouse Hub

'Our team at the Scottish Government required a fast and efficient turnaround on some graphics work at a reasonable price. Emer worked with us to produce interesting work, and was patient and professional even when our specification and timeframes changed. She provided an accessible end product which told a great story. Thanks Emer!'

Amy Marshall
Policy Officer, Directorate for Agriculture and Economy| Scottish Government
Personal Illustrations
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