Presentations can often be challenging – all eyes are on you, expectations are high and there’s no room or error. Or is there? 

Here are six simple ways you can increase participation and engagement when delivering a presentation:

  • Focus on your connection with the audience and see your presentation as a relationship building exercise.
  • Ask open questions. Show genuine interest in the opinions of your audience which means..
  • …not viewing your presentation as a finished piece that needs to be ‘pushed out’ but rather as an opportunity to develop and shape existing thinking.
  • Use silence. This is an incredibly powerful tool. Build in opportunities for your audience to reflect in silence before sharing their thoughts.
  • Express vulnerability and credibility. Sharing a challenge you have overcome, for example, is a great way to communicate this.
  • Use simple images to tell your story. These can either be pre drawn in advance or drawn live in the moment. 

And finally, remember it is ok to make a mistake. That’s what makes us human after all.