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Learn how to draw simple images to ignite creativity, communicate with impact and spark innovation.
  • Online
  • Virtual
  • In person
Run Secrets of Simple Graphics or its sister course Visual Thinking for Business inhouse for your organisation.
'The OB Loch Eil Centre team were delighted to work with Emer O'Leary during our staff training week. Our mission was to explore how we could use simple graphics to enhance our practice with young people. The progress was fantastic and I will be excited to see the impact of this work.

The course with Emer gave us space to practice, experiment and play with a variety of approaches and styles. The images are of our staff content during the course.

A great day of considering and thinking about how we frame the OB experience and add quality into reviewing the learning. 🙏👏'

David Exeter, Head of Centre at Outward Bound Trust, Loch Eil Centre

Visualise the future you want and map out the plan to make it happen.
A unique coaching programme.
  • Self paced Online
  • A combination of online modules and virtual live sessions
Run Draw Out Your Future inhouse for your organisation. Contact Emer on emer [at] to find out more. 
Connect with what lights you up in your work and use it to ignite your goals and actions plans.
  • A virtual programme
Comments from the most recent cohort:

'I loved how the visuals unlocked new information and insights for me.'

'Listening to other people talk is as helpful as talking about my own stuff'

'Thinking about what is light and heavy is a really helpful frame'

'I was inspired by Emer's ability to create a safe and creative space'

'Being able to give things time to emerge'

'The importance of making space for creativity in my work'

'Keep focus on what brings joy – get rid of the draining stuff'

'I've been quite open with my challenges and I've benefitted from being open.'

'Feeling excited about creating a product'

'Keeping me on track and focussed, reconnecting to my energy and interest, action planning but also space for exploration and confusion which has cleared the fog. Support by others really encouraging.'

'I recognised that I had lost confidence, but also through the programme regaining it.'

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