Examples of projects I have worked on with a variety of groups in recent years.
Love Letham
In collaboration with Northern Star Associates and in consultation with primary school children from Goodlyburn, Letham Primary and Our Lady's Primary this image was created to be presented to the Love Letham Young People and Adult Commission. It showcases the childrens' priorities for the changes they want to see in their community.

Love Letham is a collaboration between the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council. is part of a growing movement of people, organisations and businesses across Scotland who are trying to build a Wellbeing Economy.
Old's Cool Intergenerational Project
I met with Ryan McKay on a warm day in August 2020 and we put our heads together to come with a way that:
 - Older and younger people could work together to share their unique Covid19 stories,
- visually
- over Zoom (mostly)
- in the height of the pandemic
- and for the young people to use their learning as a basis for sharing tips with others on digital intergenerational working. 
Read the full case study here. 
" We were delighted with Emer's sessions here at the Citadel. Each session was skilfully delivered in a friendly and approachable manner. Emer was also very adaptable and particularly supportive in the planning sessions we had prior to her delivering. For a hands on, engaging activity we would definitely recommend Emer."
Ryan MacKay, Intergeneration Worker, Citadel
Digital Careers Club
The Digital Careers Club is a programme aimed at introducing young people to technology and STEM. I was invited by Tanya Howden, Digital Education Programme Manager, to devise and run a reflective session for participants who were coming to the end of the 10 week programme. The aim was for the attendees to leave the programme armed with techniques to help them create a set of goals or objectives.
'I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the session on visual thinking last night at the HMFC Innovation Centre. Everyone had a brilliant time and it was such a nice way to round the Digital Careers Club off and I personally thought it was great to see what everyone has learned and enjoyed across the last 10 weeks. I think it will also be something that everyone takes with them in the future to keep planning and thinking about what the next small step is to achieving what they want to do, so thank you!'
Tanya Howden, Digital Education Consultant
Enabling All to Flourish, St. David's Primary School
A series of posters created following visually faciliated consultations with children from P1-P7, designed to captured the children's own vision and the changes they wished to see in the school.
'Emer provided a quality and professional service throughout.
She really worked to understand the underpinning of the how and why for this project to ensure she was delivering our expectations. She was very flexible and welcomed feedback about her work. She asked questions, reflected and proffered her ideas. Emer worked with a range of professionals as well as 200 children spanning from age 4-11! She was able to act on the cues of professionals she was working with and really took the lead in terms of facilitating discussions and generating ideas. Her professional yet approachable manner made the whole experience very informal and put learners at ease to share their views. Commendably, when our youngest learners struggled to have their views captured, she gave additional time and ideas to ensure authentic participation. This project has allowed us to reflect on the ways we work and how we can more authentically capture the ideas of individuals and groups. A really positive experience for all, thank you!'
Gill McPherson, Principal, St.David's Primary School
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