Secrets of Simple Graphics 

Communicate with impact using the power of hand drawn visuals.
A six week course for trainers, facilitators and presenters

Team Training in Creating Simple Hand Drawn Imagery

– Add pizazz to your flipcharts!

Secrets of Simple Graphics has been running as a successful training course since 2016 and is currently now available as a virtual in house training course.

This highly participatory and engaging course has the added bonus of being great for team building. Learning, connecting and developing all at the same time. 

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Easy Access

Tune in from the comfort of your own home or office.

A greener way to travel 🙂

Brain Friendly

Learn in bite sized chunks.

Time to consider and practice between sessions.

Hi, I'm Emer

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Before I discovered the beauty of simple graphics and visual thinking I used to spend ages online sourcing images for my PowerPoint presentations only for a percentage of the audience to switch off and request the slides to read later.

I knew there had to a be a better, simpler, more impactful way to get my message across. I heard about terms such as graphic facilitation and visual thinking but assumed that these tools were for people who were ‘naturally’ artistic and creative.

I discovered the power of simple graphics when when I trained in Person Centred Planning and suddenly the penny dropped.

Here’s what skills in simple graphics can do for you…

(and the people you work with)


Communicate your ideas with clarity, saving time and avoiding confusion.

Tune in to your creativity – develop personally AND professionally


Bring fun, light and energy into your life. 

STAND OUT as the go-to presenter, trainer, faciliator in your niche


Create long lasting impact

Enhance participation and engagement in your workshops and trainings

Connect and build rapport with your audience – hand drawn visuals communicate individuality and humanity

Make learning experiences more memorable and brain friendly for your learners

Make your workshops more lively, interesting and engaging.

Help people to reach a consensus and ‘get on the same page’.

‘I highly recommend Emer’s 6 week virtual simple graphics course. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but could never make the face-face days – this format enabled me to take part in a way that fitted around my other commitments. Emer is a superb facilitator, and takes you through a clearly structured process, whilst really building your confidence and courage to draw and to then share your drawings. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now finding myself finding opportunities to use graphics whenever I can!

Emily Hutchinson

Occupational Pyschologist


  • Over 87% of people are visual thinkers
  • Images are remembered 60,000 times faster than text
  • Research by Stanford University shows that hand drawn presentations score higher than PowerPoint for engagement, enjoyment, credibility, recall and persuasive impact.

Here’s what’s included…


6 x 60 minute content rich LIVE virtual sessions.

Weekly tasks to keep you on track

Private online group to share ideas, ask questions and learn from one another.

 *Bonus Module* Taking Things Digital 


How to create digital drawings using your phone, laptop or tablet.

A visual group progress map so we can record and celebrate our collective progress!

Session 1

  • Opening Circle – Setting the Scene
  • Gathering round the fire – Graphic Storytelling demo and practice
  • Starting Points – Belief Scale

Session 2

  • The Visual Thinking Landscape
  • Graphic Faciliation, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Recording – differences and definitions
  • Competitive Advantages of hand drawn graphics
  • Your Custom Action Plan

Session 3

  • Your Graphics Kit: markers, materials and more – essentials to invest in and shiny objects to avoid!
  • The Building Blocks of Graphics –  Lettering, bullet points, text containers, icons and more.


Bonus Q&A session

60 mins to ask questions, get ideas and work through challenges.

SOSG Branded biscuits

Afterparty Elevenses on the last day

(with SOSG branded biscuits smile)

Session 4

  • Colour palettes and nailing your style
  • Visual Formats and Layouts
  • The One Pager – creating high level information, balancing text and visuals

Session 5

  • Icons Revisited – delving further into icon creation – a session designed around the icons YOU want to learn how to draw.
  • Learn step by step and follow along with me.

Session 6

  • Developing your training toolkit – icebreakers, session ideas and more
  • Q &A and Closing Circle

What people say about Secrets of Simple Graphics…

Absolutely anybody can build the skills to learn simple graphics. 

No experience is required.

 Getting together with a diverse range of people, ideas, learning in a creative environment is so valuable. It creates an energy you can’t get from a book!

The training is inclusive, interactive and fun. 


By the end of the course you will:

  • Look forward to trying out your new skills at the earliest opportunity
  • Feel confident about creating your own graphics
  • Understand how to use graphics in a variety of contexts
  • Have loads of ideas for your next presentation, meeting or workshop
  • Be hooked on the joys of working visually
  • Develop new ways to express your work and thoughts
  • Impress your colleagues and associates with your new skills!

Words from the class of February 2021…


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Q. Do I have to be able to draw to go on the course?

Absolutely not! Don’t worry if you haven’t drawn anything for years, or believe you can’t draw. You’re in exactly the right place to build your confidence and practice step-by-step in a safe environment.

‘You don’t need to draw to do the course – it is totally true. At the start of the day no-one wanted to do anything on a flipchart but by 4pm the pens were not for being put down! Really useful tips and tools for using in work‘
Audrey MacNeill, Administrator | Kinharvie Institute

‘I started the day convinced I couldn’t draw, but using the techniques, hint and tips Emer gave throughout the day I am now raring to go and run a session!’
Fiona Dee, Organisational Development Business Partner | Midlothian Council

Q. Is there any pre-course work?

No. If you have specific questions about how to apply graphics to your work do bring these on the day.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

All materials are supplied on the day. All you need to bring is an open mind.

Q. Will I have to draw in front of other people?

Exercises are varied and include working alone, working in pairs and working in groups. If you don’t feel comfortable about engaging in any element of the course that’s no problem at all. As with anything new there is often an element of stepping out of your comfort zone. My intention is to support people to learn in a safe environment, not to coerce people into doing something that makes them feel uncomfortable!

‘A great course!  Despite my initial trepidation, I now feel more confident about using graphics with my clients.  Emer’s patience and pragmatism meant that all of us on the course learned a lot, were able to practice in a safe environment and now have the tools and techniques to apply our learning back in the “real world”.’
Rachel Letby | Crail Consulting

Q. Is it about graphic facilitation or something else?

The course is an introduction to the different ways simple graphics can be used and includes: the advantages of graphics, the four main ways of using graphics (graphic facilitation is one of these main ways), building blocks of graphics. You will get lots of tips on how to create simple images quickly and will get the opportunity to practice your skills as you learn them. The final exercise involves creating a one page piece which you may use for presentations, training or simply to explain an aspect of your work.

Q. Will you be judging our drawings?

You can be assured I won’t be judging anything! As a group we will look at what we have produced and discuss its effectiveness and application in a work setting. It may help you to know I don’t have a background in art. On the course you’ll also learn how graphics differs from art (phew!).

Q. Is it just for trainers and facilitators?

No. We have had people from areas as diverse as law, marketing, interior design and counselling as well as trainers, facilitators, coaches, presenters. If you are in the business of communicating you will benefit from this personal development course.

‘The course was fantastic – really inspiring and instilled confidence that you can use graphics in your own workplace – no matter what your intended audience.’
Alison Marron, Solicitor | Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

‘Undoubtedly the most fun CPD course I have ever attended!’
Dr Nicky Imrie, Training Officer | Scotland’s Urban Past 

Q. What about post-course support?

Following the course you can book a 45 minute 1:1 coaching call with me to further embed your learning and work on your personalised action plan. 

Q. Where is the training held?

The training is held virtually using the Zoom platform. Join in online from the comfort of your own home! There will also be a private Facebook group where you can network with your fellow participants, share ideas, and upload weekly tasks.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

Places cancelled are not entitled to a refund, however may be transferred to another person from the same organisation.