Discover How to Create Simple Hand-Drawn Graphics that will Ignite Your Creativity, Bring Your Training to Life and Win You More Work
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Are You A Freelance Trainer? Any of this sound familiar?
  • You love training but wish you could inject more creativity into your training design and delivery.
  • In your heart you don't believe in Death by PowerPoint yet you find yourself turning to it time and time again.
  • You are itching to really bring your training to life.
  • You feel like you don't bring enough of YOU into your work.
  • Every time you see a stock photo of 'office people' with shiny hair and perfect teeth you want to scream.
  • You'd love to win more work AND have more impact.
  • You're so busy delivering training you don't have time to stop and think about how to make it more fun, engaging and interactive.
 Time to Give Your Training SOME EDGE!
*New for 2023*
 'Done For You'
  Visual Templates and Slides
New each month - a visual template or slide for you to use with your clients. 
Just grab and go!
I struggled with drawing too.
Hi, I'm Emer (rhymes with Dreamer). I first came across hand drawn graphics when training in Person Centred Planning and working for disability organisations. When I was first asked to draw something in a training session I froze. I didn't see myself as an artist and I didn't know where to start.
I've now trained over 300 trainers in simple graphics.
These are some of the common barriers they face. Can you relate?
  • You love the IDEA of using simple drawings in the training room but you just don't know where to start.
  • You know where to start. You start. And then you see someone else doing 'better' drawings. You think 'I'll never be as good as that person' so you put your markers down.
  • You're overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about using simple graphics in the training room and you're concerned about the time it will take to learn how to master this skill.
  • You want to learn how to draw but you almost feel guilty doing it! A part of your brain is thinking, 'Shouldn't I be spending time growing my business instead?'
  • It niggles away at the back of your mind. Every time you see another trainer sharing their cool drawings on social media you feel a pang because you wish you could do that.

Your online class and pop up classes are working. VERY helpful!! Finally getting some confidence that I'm going to start my session next week with a poster and flipchart. The Icon Library book is really helpful too. Thanks for the recommendation. I also spent this week putting my own "kit" together of flipchart pens, tape, pencil, etc.

Just wanted to know you're making a difference with me and for my clients. Thanks for creating an online version of this course. It's GREAT!!

BTW, one of the clients last week after all was over, said "you're really an artist!" I know now it doesn't take an artist talent to do this. You said that in the Q&A. That's not the intent. Instead it's to promote thinking, facilitation, and collaboration. Thanks for that reminder.

Kendall Lyman, Principal, The Highlands Group

Don't underestimate the impact of the niggle that tells you that you, your learners, and your clients would benefit from hand-drawn graphics! It has a knock-on negative impact on your business:
  • Your handouts, flipcharts, marketing materials and more lack a certain quality and humanity that
    you really want to communicate.
  • You go for an interview for some associate work and struggle to differentiate yourself from all the other trainers specialising in the same subject.
  • You bring less of yourself into your work, meaning you're not always fully aligned with what you
    are delivering.
  • As such you are less confident in how you show up in the world which inevitably can have a knock
    on impact on your bottom line.
Let's ELIMINATE this 'Niggle' Once and for All! Imagine...
Having hand drawn handouts, slides, and flipcharts that your learners and clients LOVE and can't stop talking about!
You will be winning work! 
A former client emailed me recently to say she secured an associate training contract because the company said they loved how she used hand-drawn graphics in her interview. Well done Nic!
Adding unique branding to your website (without having to be a graphic designer, web developer or all round tech-y person).
Only ever being a piece
of paper, a marker and your phone away from a social media post! (That's a direct quote from Emma who you met above :))
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The PERSONAL Benefits
Having more fun, light and energy in your life.
Feeling confident that your drawings are good enough. (I will show you how.)
Tuning in to your creativity– developing professionally AND personally
Giving your mental health a boost.
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The Benefits to your LEARNERS AND CLIENTS
Being able to quickly
sketch out ideas for your participants.
Enhancing participation and engagement in your workshops and training.
Make learning experiences more memorable and brain friendly for your learners.
You give your clients greater value whilst creating long lasting impact.
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Don't Take My Word For it. Hear it From My Students...
Emily Hutchinson
Occupational Pyschologist
highly recommend Emer's simple graphics course. I've wanted to do this for a while but could never make the face-face days – this format enabled me to take part in a way that fitted around my other commitments.
Emer is a superb facilitator, and takes you through a clearly structured process, whilst really building your confidence and courage to draw and to then share your drawings.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now finding myself finding opportunities to use graphics whenever I can!
Sarah Lowes
Trainer/ Facilitator/ Coach
Emer is wonderful human being, who also happens to be a talented facilitator, coach and graphic illustrator.
I attended her online Secrets of Simple Graphics course to improve the quality of the training materials that I provide in my work. In short, I really loved it.
It was delivered in short, bite-size sessions, which meant that I never felt overwhelmed and could, bit by bit, absorb what we were learning.
There's also plenty of room for you to make the sessions and the exercises relevant to your world, work and interests. The weekly homework  I found them to be wonderful mindful activities that improved my mental health too, which I have really valued.
Anne-Marie Tuck
Director | Cloverhill Solutions Ltd.
High quality, well delivered, engaging training course. High quality resources and materials.
Enjoyable fun sessions. Everyone on the course made measurable progress.
I cannot recommend Secrets of Simple Graphics online highly enough.
I have benefited in long lasting ways! Thank you!
Introducing Brand New
Secrets of Simple Graphics Toolkit in Practice..
Secrets of Simple Graphics has been running as a successful training course for freelance trainers since 2016.
It started as a one-day face-to-face course,then in 2020, it turned into a virtual 6 week programme. In 2022 it became a self paced online course.
Now it's time for the next evolutionary shift.
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Only £17 + VAT per month
Ongoing monthly commitment  You get access to everything for as long as you are a subscriber -
minimum 3 month commitment
For organisational licenses email admin [at]
Here's what's included..
  6 Learning Modules With Bite-Sized Step-By-Step Videos
  Markers & More:
Your Visual Graphics Resource Kit
Tools and Templates
  Quizzes To Embed Your Learning & Pop Up Live Q&As
Module 1: How To Develop A Visual Thinking Mindset
  • Gain a quick win by discovering and applying the biggest Secret of Simple Graphics – developing a visual thinking mindset.
  • Learn fun ways to banish limiting beliefs and feel emboldened to pick up those markers!
  • Why 'drawing talent' isn't everything. Discover what you, daVinci, Monet and all the greats have in common
  • The No. 1 shift between learning how to draw and actually drawing
  • Why it really doesn't matter if your drawings look funky or not (and how to embrace this!)
  • The statistic that will instantly make you feel more relaxed about drawing
  • Visual Thinking Journal Pages
Module 2: Lettering Made Simple
  • Learn about the role of lettering in simple graphics and get your step by step guide to creating simple, impactful lettering.
  • The most important thing to remember when it comes to using lettering in simple graphics
  • Quick style tips – minimum effort, maximum impact
  • What to do when your natural handwriting style is illegible
  • Troubleshooting – when lettering goes wrong and what to do about it
  • *Brand New* Icon Library – your go-to reference guide
Module 3: Icons And More
  • Follow along step by step as I show you exactly how to draw simple icons that you can recreate time and time again.
  • Step by step videos on how to draw people, arrows, bullet points, borders, speech bubbles and more
  • Your simplest guide to drawing facial expressions
  • 30 key icons you can use in your training room this week
  • My No. 1 tip for building muscle memory when it comes to drawing
  • *Brand New* Icon Library – your go-to reference guide
Module 4: Bringing It All Together
  • Learn to bring lettering, icons, bullet points and more together on the one page (and how to make it all fit!)
  • The One Pager: Your ultimate guide
  • How to create a visual template
  • Layouts, formats and how to use colour
  • Examples of simple graphics by other trainers
  • Your go-to templates for creating a piece of simple graphics
Module 5: Graphics in Practice
  • Take your drawings from the page into working with a group.
  • Four key ways to use graphics in your work
  • What graphic facilitation actually is – this will surprise you!
  • Visual icebreakers for use in training and faciltation
  • Top Tips for visual facilitation with groups
  • Your personalised action plan (visual of course 🙂)
Module 6: Taking Things Digital
  • Your step by step guide to creating digital images on the go. There is something in here for everyone, whether you want to dip your toe in or do a deep dive.
  • 3 minutes to a .jpeg for your social media post
  • My no. iPad app for drawing (and how to use it!)
  • Digital drawings with a laptop (no tablet necessary)
  • Digital Drawing Resource List – save precious time by accessing all my go-to digital resources, including the Digital Drawing App checklist!
But that's not all...
  55 More Icons
55 bonus icons as requested by freelance trainers in the last year. These include: Stewardship, Leadership, Time Management.... and 52 more 🙂
Receive updates including the
latest tools and tips throughout
the year.
  Pop Up Q&As
I'll offer up Pop Up sessions
throughout the year to reignite your motivation, ask me any questions
and get feedback on your work.
* New for 2023 * 
 'Done For You'
  Visual Templates and Slides
New each month - a visual template or slide for you to use with your clients. 
Just grab and go!
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WHY This Unique Toolkit In Practice Works So Well 
  You don't have to wait until a live
cohort starts before you start learning.
  The learning is bite-sized, making it easy both to fit into your working day AND to quickly find what you're looking for.
  You don't have to turn down work opportunities to take part in the course!
  The Done-For-You templates mean you NEVER have to run another training session without hand drawn graphics.
  Never again will you think 'I should probably do more hand drawn graphics'. We are eliminating the word SHOULD for once and for all by making this super simple for you.
More Love Notes From SOSG Fans
Beth Collier
Creativity, Communications and Leadership Expert
If you are looking to improve your ability to draw simple graphics, I highly recommend you get in touch with Emer. She is a skilled illustrator and facilitator, has a lovely, helpful nature, and a true desire to help people learn.

Over six weeks, I improved both my drawing skills and confidence. And best of all, I am having fun drawing again – which I haven't felt for decades! Thank you, Emer!

Rachel Weiss
Partner, Founder, Rowan Consultancy, Menopause Cafe
I participated in Emer's 6 week online Secrets of Simple Graphics course. It gave me skills and confidence to use hand-drawn graphics to enhance my training and coaching, both live in the room and as preprepared resources.

Also it was fun and I've gained a new hobby, drawing, and ditched my inner critic which told me I can't draw.

Heather Ballantine
Be the Best Training
I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the fabulous course you put together. The content, delivery style and learning experience were all just spot on and I have learned so much from the whole experience.

Your wonderfully calm and relaxing pace, set a fabulous 'tone' to the sessions, and I feel I have learned a lesson there, for myself, that I will definitely be putting into practice once we are allowed to deliver sessions back in workplaces.

I'm going to make this really easy for you..
  • Rolling access to all 6 learning modules
  • Videos, visual templates, pdfs, handouts, icon libraries
  • Pop Up Q&As, updates and bonuses
  • Low Monthly Price £27 + VAT 
Get instant access >>
Your investment is protected by my Full and Unconditional 30 Days guarantee. Here's how it works:

Sign up today, try all of the materials for 30 days and if you are not entirely confident that you will ignite your creativity and bring your training to life with the information in this course then email me at emer [at] and I will provide a full refund, no questions asked.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be able to draw to take this course?
Absolutely not! Don't worry if you haven't drawn anything for years, or believe you can't draw. You're in exactly the right place to build your confidence and practice step-by-step at your own pace.
Is it about graphic facilitation or something else?
The course is an introduction to the different ways simple graphics can be used. Graphic facilitation is one of these ways and is covered in Module 4. You will get lots of tips on how to create simple hand drawn images quickly, which you can use for presentations, training or simply to explain an aspect of your work.
Will you be judging our drawings?
Judging is not the word I would use :) I will offer constructive feedback to 10 drawings (chosen randomly) during Show Week which is the last week of the month. 
Is it just for trainers and facilitators?
No, anyone who delivers training, gives presentations, coaches or facilitates groups will benefit from this course. If you work for an organisation get in touch to discuss licensing options.
We have had people from areas as diverse as law, marketing, interior design and counselling as well as trainers, facilitators, coaches, presenters. If you are in the business of communicating you will benefit from this personal development course.

'The course was fantastic – really inspiring and instilled confidence that you can use graphics in your own workplace – no matter what your intended audience.'
Alison Marron, Solicitor | Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

'Undoubtedly the most fun CPD course I have ever attended!'
Dr Nicky Imrie, Training Officer | Scotland's Urban Past
How long do I get access to the materials?
You have access to the materials for as long as you are a monthly subscriber. This course will be your go-to resource for all things graphics in training for many years to come.
What about course support?
Throughout the year I will offer pop up Q&As where you can ask me any question you like and/or get support for a particular project you are working on.
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