Visual templates – what’s not to love?

Instead of going round in a circles at your meetings why not use some simple visual templates to share ideas and focus the discussion. 

Here are the essential components of a visual template:
1. A purpose – a simple visual template is a holding space for information. What information do you want?
2. A structure – a simple visual element contains:
– a title
– a border 
– a key icon 
3. White space in which to capture the information.

I’ve included examples of each to get you started. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create your own simple visual template either from the elements here or from something you’ve come up with yourself. Grab your favourite markers and a piece of A4 and off you go. Take a photo of your finished template and email it to me. Top templates will feature in a future email!

Sample Titles:
Our Agenda, Your Ideas, This week’s priorities, Our team’s challenges, Next Steps, Risks 

Sample Borders:

Sample Icons: