Taking care of mind and body

It’s been a busy number of weeks at Collected Works Towers and as such I’m reminded of the importance of looking after mind and body.

As someone said on Twitter last week,
‘You know those days when you’re just too busy to stop and think?
They are exactly the times to stop and think.’

Here are some of my favourite tools for de-stressing, unplugging and maintaining good mental and physical health.

I use an app called Insight Timer for guided meditations. I don’t know about you but for me stress shows up in two main areas in my body – the neck/shoulder area and the stomach area.

To ease the tension I often listen to:

  • Celia Roberts’ Meditation on Gut Brain Connection
  • Andrew Johnson’s Stomach Relaxation
  • Analee Scott’s Connect to Nature (a great one if you have tension in your shoulders and neck like me. This is a visualisation where you imagine your neck to be the trunk of a tree and your shoulders the roots. Powerful stuff!)

To help with nerves and anxiety I listen to:

  • Andrew Johnson’s Quick Confidence and
  • Rachel Hillary’s Your Power Solar Plexus Meditation

I often find that if I could just quieten my mind of all the monkey chatter I would experience more flow and less stress. For me there is nothing better than yoga for giving the mind and body a good workout.

The evening before a facilitation or training gig I always make time to go to a Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga consists of floor postures that are held for an extended period of time. The stretches get right into the connective tissue (fascia) of the body and the effect is marvellous. It took me quite a while to get into Yin Yoga as it’s so different and so much slower than the Flow classes I normally attend. Sometimes enforced slowness is a really good thing.
I have to give a shout out to my local yoga studio Tribe Yoga on Cumberland street. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

The final tool I’d like to share with you is an exercise workout called T-Tapp, created by Teresa Tapp. I came across T-Tapp about three years ago and haven’t looked back.

It’s a no impact workout (no equipment, weights, jumping etc. required) that can be done at virtually any age or stage of life. Check out this quick shoulder rolls exercise. Teresa is a legend!

So there you have it. My top tools for maintaining strong mental and physical health. I hope you found this useful. Do let me know and/or share some tools of your own.