‘I get this visual thinking stuff,’ people say to me often. ‘I see how powerful it is. I just don’t want to go into a meeting and be laughed at because of my childish drawings’.

It’s the no. 1 concern people have when it comes to taking their love of visual thinking into the workplace.

I always say that half the battle is inner work – developing your confidence, being ready to step outside your comfort zone, getting comfortable with things not being perfect.

In terms of ‘outer work’ here my three top tips for making your drawings look more credible and professional.

1. Draw all your icons in black ink. It’s amazing the difference this simple change will make.

2. Put your lettering in the same position beside each icon – left, right, above or below – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the same position.

3. Go easy on colour – think light accents to add meaning. Yes colours are fun and colours are engaging but do resist temptation to go crazy with your new set of markers.

Here’s an example of some ‘before and after’ work by a delegate on a recent half day workshop.

And this is without having a chance to talk about lettering, formats, white space and much more.

Just imagine what you could do!