How to create a visual habit tracker

Visual habit trackers have been hot on the agenda for both Draw Out Your Future and Joy of Business participants alike of late.

Last week I decided to create a new one for myself.

I set myself the goal of creating it in under an hour and using it straight away.

Some insights I gained from the process:

🌟Going with your gut is always the best thing to do. I didn't deliberate for ages on which new habit to create a tracker for, I went with something that was top of mind for me that I knew would be a great habit to cultivate - The Crucifix Stretch.

🌟 The Crucifix is one of a four part sequence stretch called the Desk Jockey (created by Rangan Chaterjee) however I chose to focus just on the Crucifix because:
πŸ’« It takes less than 2 minutes to do.
πŸ’« Every time I go to do the whole four part sequence I tend to double check I'm doing it right on YouTube (and we all know going on YouTube is not always a helpful habit!) whereas I know exactly how to do the Crucifix and don't need to cross reference with books or videos.
πŸ’« Doing one part of the sequence regularly is better than not doing any of it ever.

🌟 I decided against putting days and dates on the tracker. I felt the most important thing was to get into a regular habit. I do have lunch every day so that's enough regularity prompting for me. I can always tweak this aspect later if I change my mind.

🌟 I resisted the urge to plot and plan it for ages, deliberating over the style and coming up with something funkier, more colourful or more praiseworthy. That was my biggest challenge!

Hope you find these tips useful when creating your own habit tracker!

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