Top Tips for Creative Visioning

Bear in mind that creative visioning is not a to-do, it's a to-dream. It's about as far from a tick box exercise as you can imagine. Give yourself the space to dream. Time can be a barrier so start by setting 5 minutes aside (I find it helpful to use a stopwatch). Once the 5 minutes are up you will often feel like doing more, so keep going 🙂
Take the pressure off. Creative visioning is not about setting a 5-year vision or making hard and fast decisions about your future. Nothing is set in stone. View it as simply exploring an infinite range of possibilities. You don't have to 'get it right.'
Start with a blank unlined page and grab some markers or pencils. If your natural tendency is to write rather than draw then go for it. You can always add drawings later if you wish.
Use prompts to shape your thinking. If you are creating a vision for your life use prompts to help you think about what your future life may look like. Who, What, Where, When are examples of useful prompts.
Remove all barriers – real and imagined. Often when creating visions (and subsequently goals and plans) we have a tendency to think about what isn't possible, what can't be done because of XYZ. Imagine that all such barriers are removed and really go for it, let your imagination take you beyond barriers to a life yet lived.
Revisit your vision. Pin your scribbles to the wall and add new ones when a new idea or insight occurs to you. Likewise, cross out anything that no longer feels appealing. Your vision is always growing and changing. Welcome this evolution.
Author: Emer O'Leary
Emer O'Leary is a visual facilitator, trainer and coach.

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