Ever feel that you’d like to do some drawing but you just don’t know where to start?

In my experience people can have a tendency to approach drawing with a strong desire to ‘get it right’. And it’s exactly this kind of rigidity, of pressure that can put the brakes on creativity.¬†

First, we need to take the pressure off. A flexible mindset and approach really helps here, for example saying to yourself¬† ‘Ok so I’d love to draw out our company vision but I don’t know where to start. That’s ok; I’ll get my markers out anyway, make some marks and see what evolves from there.’

Secondly, you just need to put the pen to paper to begin. It’s good to have a couple of warm up exercises up your sleeve like drawing a continuous curvy line and then simply colouring in the areas that emerge (thanks to Diane Bleck for this one).

Another thing you can do is simply copy out a drawing. Recent research from the University of Waterloo, Canada has shown that the mere act of tracing over or copying out a drawing has positive benefits for creativity and memory. 

By now your creative juices will be in flow so it’s time to consider a framework for your drawing. Ask yourself, ‘What are the key components of this drawing?’ so for something like a company vision you may wish to include ‘Mission’ ‘People’ ‘Key Strategies’ ‘Resources’ ‘Goals etc.’ Close your eyes and see the picture that comes in to your mind for each category. A sketchy stick person image is better than no image at all.
(If you’re stuck you can simple describe the image in your head in words and research how to draw it later – Google is your friend here)
1. It really really doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s all about the process, refinement can come later.
2. You don’t have to think of an image for everything!

Doing this as a team is particularly powerful. An incredible energy emerges when people are thinking and drawing together. Remember it is about the process. Trust in the process, go through it and have faith in what will emerge. (Do reach out if you’d like some support with igniting creativity in your team.)