Welcome to Learning at Work week!

An opportunity to reignite our passion for learning and appreciate all the wonderful benefits it brings.

The great thing about learning is that it’s all around us! You don’t have to go on a training course or buy a book to engage in learning. I believe that every day we learn something new and that learning can come from a myriad of sources.

That’s why I’ve designed a Learning Log especially for this week to help us keep track of our learning and also to build confidence that yes, we are learning all the time. 

Sometimes that learning can come from the most unlikely sources – a conversation you overheard at the supermarket, a colourful poster that caught your eye, something a friend did that made you stop and think.

Download and print your own copy of the Learning Log here >> 

I’d love to know how you get on with this. It would be especially great to hear about the different sources of learning in peoples’ worlds. Do let me know and I can share in a future email.