Wow your audience with simple hand drawn graphics!

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Wow your audience with simple hand drawn graphics!

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Clear communication, better decision making, greater engagement


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Training design

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Fun, energetic, well-paced, interactive with much supportive learning, Emer’s practical workshop has inspired me to unashamedly introduce graphics to my workshops.

Eimear Stassin

Training Consultant,

Hi, I'm Emer

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I empower my clients to use simple hand drawn graphics to transform the way they communicate and do business.

I am an advocate not just of visual thinking but of BIG visual thinking to unlock creativity, stimulate critical thinking and generate ideas.

I was first introduced to this world back in 2002 when working for a disability organisation…

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Using simple graphics has helped focus the initial sales meetings so much that we went from concept to full proposal in less than an hour. 

Emer – the first meeting was scheduled with a C-level exec for 45 minutes – he agreed and asked for the formal proposal submission in 17 minutes.

The second with a CIO – went from skeptic to sign off in 25 minutes and a third with a Director went from “welcome” to “can we have three proposals in 22 minutes”.

A public sector Business Improvement Board meeting approved a POC in 40 minutes.

It’s powerful stuff !

Dave Fardoe

Managing Director, Accordant Solutions

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